About NMK

New Mumma Kim

I’m Kim, a 30 something chick who loves blogging, eating, wine, shopping and all the shiny things. I am passionate about minimising my personal environmental impact, animal welfare and supporting local and Australian owned business. I’m out to prove mums are still fun after procreation, to highlight the importance of self care for my fellow mum tribe, and talk all things parenting of young children.

I talk a lot about J man, he’s a gorgeous small person taking up residence in my home, he’s 2.5 years old and I absolutely adore him (in case you missed it, he’s my son). He loves anything muddy, sandy and watery to race his cars and monster trucks in, and his favourite toys are die cast monster trucks, ride-on anything and daddy (he makes a great jungle gym).

I also talk a lot about hubby, otherwise known as daddy or affectionately known as jerk. He’s my forever person and I love him for infinity. We met when I was fourteen years old knocking on doors selling Avon and it was love at first sight. That was fifteen years ago now and we’ll be celebrating our ten year wedding anniversary with a family holiday in September this year, awwww. Hubbydaddyjerk loves building things, cooking barbecues, beer and gardening.

The theme of New Mumma Kim is finding the fun in motherhood. I like to poke fun at my parenting mishaps and I try not to take things too seriously because parenting isn’t perfect, it’s a beautiful and chaotic mess of love and frustration.

I blog about anything from family holiday tips, advice and tips on newborns and breastfeeding, recipes, advice on common parenting challenges, housework and organisation help as well as all the things I love and where I shop.

I can be swear’y and not always PC. I write how I speak. I give honesty, fun, happy vibes, transparency, triumphs and brutal truths about my first time mum experiences and I’m rough around the edges but that’s the best part.There’s no fake-ness, I’m 100% organically real and I’m about as classy as drinking wine from a plastic cup.

“Quality is in the wine you drink, not what you drink it from”

Thanks for reading my blog! xx

newmummakim.com - who is new mumma kim?

My beautiful family

newmummakim.com - who is new mumma kim?

Just casually hanging out being casual…

newmummakim.com - who is new mumma kim?

totes not being a typical mum

newmummakim.com - who is new mumma kim?

Hardcore badass mum

newmummakim.com - who is new mumma kim?

Loving myself sick in this dress

newmummakim.com - who is new mumma kim?