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Fashion for Holidays – The Capsule Wardrobe

I’ll be in sunny Queensland this year for a blogger conference followed by a week-long family holiday with hubby and J man. That’s 9 nights and 10 days of fashion living out of a suitcase away from the luxury of my wardrobe at home.

The conference requires lunches, dinners, workshops and networking so there needs to be an element of comfy professional without looking like a tourist.

The family holiday consists of theme parks, overtired toddler tantrums, swimming in various bodies of water and eating more than I should. I need to have loose clothing that adapts to the last minute disasters occurring from holidaying with a toddler.

My number 1 fashion tip when packing for a holiday is to choose a complimentary colour theme with a few coloured statement pieces.

This method keeps your bags light making it easy to carry a kid in one arm and simultaneously drag a suitcase behind with the other, still allowing room for useless holiday souvenir junk without going over the luggage weight limit.

Complimentary fashion choices can be easily mixed up to give different looks without needing to pack more than you’ll wear, and coloured statement pieces adding a needed pop of colour.

It’s also nice to remember being comfortable doesn’t have to be synonymous with looking like you’ve given up on life. There’s nothing wrong with packing more than just trackies, hoodies and t-shirts for a holiday with the kids.

Here’s the fashion pieces i’ll be packing for my conference and family holiday capsule wardrobe;

Adelaide Mummy Blogger New Mumma Kim - Fashion for Holidays (the capsule wardrobe)

Day Dresses

A relaxed dress for day with flats and a scarf, yet sophisticated enough to wear into the evening with the right pair of heels and a statement necklace.

Sheer Blouses or tunics

A beautiful light tunic or blouse can act as an easy day top over jeans, worn as a beach cover or dressed up with tailored pants and heels.

Sandals, wedges or flatties 

Something you can walk in allllll day. My go-to lately has been metallic slip-ons, they go with everything and comfy AF. My second choice is tan coloured wedges.

Lightweight jacket

Lightweight jackets are a fav fashion piece to take any casual day outfit to dressy, or if you have fripples.

Basic T-Shirts

You can’t get more versatile than a plain white t-shirt, it can be easily dressed up or down with the right accents, perfect.

Bathers, Swimmers, Togs

Whatever name you give swimwear, do you want to know how to get your body ready for it? Just put it on. Who cares what people think of your beautiful, wobbly, lumpy, dimply bits.

When you’re on your death bed are you really going to be worried about how you looked in a bikini? Hell no, you’ll be kicking yourself you didn’t give less fucks and have more fun.

Grab yourself kick-ass, out-of-this-world bathers and own that beach or pool.

Cropped pants / jeans

Something cropped at the ankles helps lengthen your body and gives your style a bit of edge. They’re also comfy and easy to wear when you’re not sure what to wear.

Tailored Pants

For something a little classier when dining out or to pimp your day look if you’re sick of looking like a bogan-hippie, thrown on a pair of tailored pants.


If you’re a jewellery wearer the basic essentials should be a statement necklace, statement ring, a cuff or bangle, a simple drop necklace or simple earrings.


A large beautiful silk scarf can be worn many ways to dress an outfit up or down. Pick a colour or pattern to best compliment the styles and colours chosen for your capsule wardrobe.


I pack both black and nude to balance the colours of my outfit. Dark clothing is usually paired with nude heels  and light clothing is paired with black heels so i don’t look washed out.


For more active day trips and adventures you’ll need a good pair of lightweight sneakers.

These few things are great starter pieces for a lighter, stylish way to travel and should be paired with good sunnies, a wide brim hat and 50+ sunscreen.

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