Christmas Sangria Recipes

I’ve created a few Christmas sangria recipes for you to enjoy when you have some child free time, because us mum’s deserve to put our feet up and let our hair down every now and then just as much as anyone else.

I lOVE sangria because it is so easy to make, the ingredients and amounts can be changed to suit your taste, and it looks ridiculously pretty dressed up in mason jars, repurposed mini moccona coffee jars, stemless wine glasses or wide mouth glass milk bottles.

If you don’t have any of these things don’t stress, even drinking it from a leftover 2 minute noodle cup will be heavenly.

Embracing the festivity of the summer season I put a Christmas spin on my mummy’s no fail white sangria recipe and created 5 sangria recipes I’m sure you, your friends and your family will love to share… or not share because they’re that good.

Check them out HERE on Mum Central!

To give you a little taste of what you’re in for (see what I did there?) here’s one of my favourites:

The De-Grinchinator
500ml chardonnay or Moscato
500ml lemonade
2 shots Midori
2 shots coconut rum
¼ cup ground mint leaves (with mortar and pestle)
½ cup sugar
Crushed ice
Throw it all in a pitcher, stir well and enjoy!

It got a real sweet kick but the freshness of the ground mint levels it out (so tasty) and for me it really epitomises summer.

I hope you enjoy serving these refreshing pitchers of Christmas cheer to your family and friends!

If you’re not keen on spending $3-$5 on half-wilted bunches of mint from the supermarket have a go at growing your own. Mint is super easy to grow but make sure you keep it in a pot as it is considered a weed, if you plant it in the ground it will spread EVERYWHERE.

Let me know what you think of my recipes in the comment section below, or chat with me on my facebook page and share your version of the recipes!

*Please remember to always drink responsibly. If you are struggling with your relationship with alcohol, contact for help and someone to talk to.


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