Choosing the Right Pram

If you’re planning to become pregnant, currently pregnant or a grandparent looking to spoil your kids who will soon become parents, choosing the right pram for a new bundle of vomit and projectile poo joy is probably about as easy as putting your shoes on right about now. Yep, not easy.

It’s been a good two years since we’ve touched our pram and a recent interview with Liz Walsh, journalist and parenting writer for Adelaide’s The Advertiser newspaper, got me thinking.

“How did we choose a pram that was right for us, and knowing what we do now would we choose differently?”

Short answer. When it came to choosing the right pram it was bloody hard. I remember shopping at all the major baby stores and reading endless reviews online before hubby and I could agree on something we didn’t both hate, and yes, we would absolutely choose a different pram next time for the following reasons;

Think of your pram budget. Add 258%
When you’re pregnant, sales people at the baby shops will be extremely convincing you absolutely must have ALL THE THINGS that don’t conveniently come with the pram but should because they’re friggen essential for your sanity. Important things like a coffee cup holder or a magic bag of sleepy dust to get your baby to sleep. (You only need them to sleep long enough for you to poo, shower and get dressed, is that too much to ask? Having clean hair is an optional luxury during the first 24 months of your baby’s life and is too much to ask for.)
Choosing the Right Pram - Adelaide Parenting Blogger New Mumma Kim

Some of “the things” you will be convinced you need but are not necessary. Except drink holders. Buy allllll the drink holders. You can never have enough coffee, if you’re lucky one of them will still be luke warm enough to drink.

Babies aren’t newborn forever
As much as we can all dream they’ll stay cute squishys forever, our little loves do eventually grow up to fulfill their life purpose of simultaneously being the best thing we ever created aaaaand driving us to the very edge of insanity.
Will the pram recline flat to easily change a nappy or allow a comfier nap? Is it sturdy and strong enough to withstand the 20 minute long tantrum of a 15kg toddler that popped their bloody bunnings balloon after telling them to stop dropping it on the floor or IT. WILL. POP? Kids are fun.
Storage test
Put your handbag and a bag of groceries in the storage basket. Does everything fit? Can you reach everything through the access zips without having to pull other stuff out of the way?
Now, add a blankie, 3 teddies, a handful of loose sultanas and a watermelon. Take out the blankie in 3.4 seconds. DO NOT lose any loose sultanas. If the pram passes this test, buy it. Buy it now.
Walk it through the shop. No no not the baby stuff shop, the shop next door with the loud unrecognisable music of the millenial people selling clothes small enough to fit your daughter’s Barbie. Does it fit through the ever-shrinking aisles? Perfect. Buy it.
Weight test
If you can’t easily lift the pram as high as your hips then its a no, or just remove the rear bumper from your car and leave it off for the next 3-5 years, simples.
Easy to clean
Is the pram white, beige or cream? Put it back. now. Unless you have a thing for mission brown and unidentifiable food substances, then I suggest buying a pram that’s black or anything you can clean with baby wipes and spit, it’s all you’ll have time for to keep it clean.
That’s my real mum guide on choosing the right pram. Go forth and choose well. Feel free to share photos of your bangin new pram purchases on my New Mumma Kim facebook page and give me a like while you’re there xxx

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