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Mumrobe Denim Chambray Dress

I’m a little bit in love with this foxy mum fashion find ‘The Denim Chambray Dress’.

Its light, durable, easy to wash, wears well with my shape and skin tone, short enough to look good but long enough to cover my butt when playing with J man, can be dressed up with a statement neck piece and killer heels or dressed down with a scarf and opaque tights, and it was an absolute bargain for $34.95.

Every time I wear this piece I get compliments and its always a safe go-to when having a bad wardrobe day. You know, those shitty days when you have so many clothes but absolutely nothing to wear? I hate those days. Bad wardrobe days suck. But they don’t suck when you have a denim chambray dress.

Adelaide Mummy Blogger; New Mumma Kim - Mumrobe 'The Denim Chambray Dress'

On this particular day I was brunching with a few awesome blogger lovelies I know then making my way home to hang out with hubs and J man. It was 19 degrees, warm enough to get my pins out yet cool enough to appreciate having sleeves.

The only problem I found with this particular denim chambray dress are the buttons the entire way down the front. It tends to gape across the lap when sitting down so i’ve been counteracting this with wearing a scarf to cover up, no biggie as I usually do like to wear a scarf, but on the days I don’t wear I’ll wear tights.

If I was going to buy this dress again I would look for swing or shift styles that will still suit my shape but will avoid the button-hole-gaping issue.

Adelaide Mummy Blogger; New Mumma Kim - Mumrobe 'The Denim Chambray Dress'

This dress is a size 12 and i’m a size 14 but it fits quite nicely despite not being the right size for me.

Its made from 100% lyocell (tencel) which feels very soft and luxurious, however creases like a bitch so I do need to allow 10 minutes to run an iron over it before wearing.

My denim chambray dress was a solid purchase from last season and will have many more wears to come. A recommended staple wardrobe piece so if you need to spend a few extra bones to get the right piece for you, do it.

Check out my Mumrobe page each Monday for new mum friendly fashion finds, and if we’re lucky enough, expert fashionistas and stylists will feature to share their fashion hints and tips too.


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2 thoughts on “Mumrobe Denim Chambray Dress

  1. Beth | says:

    Great look, Kim. You must have an awesome photographer hahaha. I tend to get button up shirt dresses sewn up to avoid gape issues, especially around the bust. If you don’t intend to wear it open as a jacket, might be a good solution? Scarf looked good anyway!

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