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The Liebster Award – New Mumma Kim

I’m a relatively new blogger (18 months into the gig) and have been nominated for my first Liebster award, but first what the hell is it?!

I’ve had a read around the interwebs about “what is a Liebster award” and here’s the jist of what I found; An online chain letter type blog post ‘award’ given by bloggers to bloggers with amazing small blogs that may not normally get the recognition they deserve.

Some bloggers consider it a pain in the ass but I believe its saying “hey, I see what you do and i dig it”. It s a great way to discover and share new blogging talents.

in appreciation of my Liebster Award nomination from Lauren of Teacher Types, here’s my list of 10 random facts;
  1. I’m bloody amazing at online shopping
  2. I’ve had more jobs than boyfriends in my entire life
  3. I can hyper-extend my thumbs, I never lose a thumb war
  4. I’ve featured in That’s Life magazine
  5. I was adamant I wasn’t going to have children and I got away with it until I was 28 years old but then bestie wanted me in the labour ward for the birth of her first baby and I had the job of recording it. My mum and husband were terrified it would turn me off having kids forever but a few months later we were pregnant with our first bubs, baby boy J man.
  6. I’ve jumped out of a plane, swam the great barrier reef and eaten under the stars at Uluru
  7. Housework days are Wednesdays and Fridays
  8. Toilet paper goes over not under
  9. I never say no to chocolate or wine
  10. I hate rude people and litter
Here’s my answers to Lauren’s questions…

Tell us about Mumrobe! What’s it all about? (PS I really want some metallic sneakers after reading that post)

The Mumrobe is a new page i’ve started to share my very favourite places to shop, best fashion finds and advice for mum’s to make any woman feel sexy and confident about herself through every stage of motherhood. Especially when dress shopping or looking for breastfeeding friendly threads, its hard to find clothes to meet the everyday challenges of motherhood that don’t look old and mumsy.

Adelaide Mummy Blogger; New Mumma Kim - Mumrobe

What do you love about living in RAdelaide? Have you always lived here?

I’ve lived here all my life, RADelaide really is world class.

You can get the best education, eat the best produce, drink the best wine, have the best holiday, live in the best (most affordable) home and have the best experiences/events in and around the city. Personally, I have 2 award winning wineries and the Adelaide hills within a 10 minute drive from my doorstep, what’s not to love about that?

Number ONE organisation tip for working mums?

– The night before; Meal prep, work and school bags, lunches, clothes, get fuel on your way home instead of leaving it for the morning.
– Then get up earlier than everyone else for; Exercise, “me time”.

Every little thing counts to make the days easier, be sure you don’t sacrifice family time for it though.

What was the last dinner you cooked?

Veggie bake, yum!

I’d love to know more about your boy! What kind of activities does he love to keep busy?

J man is the very definition of boy; Dirt, mud, water, sand, grass, wrestling with daddy, cars, monster trucks, slugs, bugs, snails, chasey, whizzies, boogers, fart jokes, wet willies, blankies, teddy, cuddles, kisses and head butts.

His favourite activities would have to be imaginative play with his monster trucks and reading books at bedtime.

Now the baton gets passed onto other amazing bloggers. They may or may not chose to participate and that’s totally fine with me, just know I see you babes and love what you’re doing.

I now nominate a Liebster award to…

Twist of Cait

Mixing Food and Life

The Baby Vine

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