Matching Mummy and Daughter Dresses

Where to Shop: Matching Mummy and Daughter Dresses

Hubs and I have been invited to an excuse to have a child free night, drink wine and sleep in past 7am a swish ‘after 5’ fancy dinner event at Adelaide oval in a few weeks.

Its the kind of event I get to put on a pretty dress, make-up, high heels, eat hot food and converse with humans mostly taller than me and not picking their nose and eating snot so I was excitedly shopping online for a new dress when i stumbled across the most gorgeous thing.

Y’know those #parentinggoals photos you see on Instagram and Pinterest of little girls wearing the same beautiful dresses as their mothers? Well guess who quietly released their new range of matching mummy and daughter dresses this week?

St Frock.

New Mumma Kim: Matching Mummy and Daughter Dresses

Almost makes me want to jump my hubs’ and try for a girl… almost, until i remember the sleepless nights of having a newborn then my ovaries happily bench themselves until the next cute baby comes along.

Family photos in these dresses would be so damn cute!

For little girls they’re pretty as well as age appropriate, with flowing long maxi lengths and beautiful designs absent of shitty sexist glitter slogans like “too pretty for maths”. Yep, sadly that was an actual slogan i’ve seen somewhere on a little girls t-shirt. Matching Mummy and Daughter Dresses

The mummy dresses are so awesome too, with button down fronts making breastfeeding a breeze, pretty lace detail on the back and long skirts to reduce knicker flash when chasing the kidlets while a nice front skirt split is foxy enough to make you a “cool mum, not just a regular mum”.

Where To Shop: Matching Mummy and Daughter Dresses

Yeah they may be a little on the exxy side at $59.90 for a kid’s dress but then again Pumpkin Patch isn’t any better for $69.99 and they don’t do matching mummy dresses.

If your budget is tighter than spanx like the rest of us at this time of year, St Frock have Afterpay. It’s like layby but better because you get the clothes first and pay later in fortnightly installments, zing!

Unsure if spending sixty bucks online is a good idea if you can’t try the dresses on? Check out my awesome online shopping guide for top tips to get it right; How To Shop Online Like a Pro.

New Mumma Kim: Matching Mummy and Daughter Dresses

Which matching mummy and daughter dress is your favourite? I love the watercolour so much I just got one for myself!

Shop matching mummy and daughter dresses at St Frock here. Delivery is quick, usually about 2-5 days standard shipping. Sizing is a little large so go down a size.
Girls size range: 2-9
Womens size range: 6-14 and 6-16 depending on design

This is not a sponsored post, there are no affiliate links nor am I receiving anything free. I honestly love St Frock. I chose to write this piece because i got excited when i saw the kids range. You can read my Disclosure Statement here.

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