Choosing the Right Pram

If you’re planning to become pregnant, currently pregnant or a grandparent looking to spoil your kids who will soon become parents, choosing the right pram for a new bundle of vomit and projectile poo joy is probably about as easy as putting your shoes on right about now. Yep, not easy. Continue reading

Matching Mummy and Daughter Dresses

Where to Shop: Matching Mummy and Daughter Dresses

Hubs and I have been invited to an excuse to have a child free night, drink wine and sleep in past 7am a swish ‘after 5’ fancy dinner event at Adelaide oval in a few weeks.

Continue reading

New Mumma Kim - Getting My Toddler to Eat Little Mashies Product Review

Getting My Toddler to Eat – Little Mashies Reusable Squeeze Pouches Product Review

Getting my toddler to eat is typed into Google often and making it happen is about as easy as getting a full night of sleep (pfft sleep, WTF is that?) Continue reading

Adelaide Mummy Blogger; New Mumma Kim - The Liebster Award

The Liebster Award – New Mumma Kim

I’m a relatively new blogger (18 months into the gig) and have been nominated for my first Liebster award, but first what the hell is it?! Continue reading