Pumpt Indoor Bike and Skate Park

Spoil the kids with an awesome place to go for a birthday party or just get out of the house to do something different, Pumpt indoor BMX, mountain bike, scooter and skate park is awesome!


Its a hike for us on the other side of town at 221 Marion road Marleston, but J man and I have been twice now and he loves it.

BYO bike, scooter or board or use one of the over 100 Pumpt bikes and scooters (don’t forget your helmet. No helmet = no ride), and no need to worry about a flat tyre, broken chain or stiff bearings because they have their own workshop on site to repair your gear on the spot.

They have the training track for the little ones to ride safely and not be overwhelmed with the big kids, the A58 Speed Ring for the more advanced, and the Battle Track for the bigger kids or those with a boatload of confidence. The battle track is super cool with a huge ramp and its timed to race against mates.


Training Track – Pumpt Indoor BMX, Mountain Bike, Scooter and Skate Park


Battle Track – Pumpt Indoor BMX, Mountain Bike, Scooter and Skate Park

And its not just bike tracks. If skateboards and scooters are more your thing or theirs, there is always the half pipes to test your skills.

Pumpt works like places such as Bounce or Latitude where you get a coloured wristband corresponding with a session time and only people with a specific colour can be on the track for particular sessions.

Sessions run for one, two or three hours. Peak session is $20, off-peak is $13, and second and third hours are 30% off. Little Tyke sessions are $13 valid for 2 hours between 10am-12pm for parents of young children with balance bikes only (excludes school holidays).


Reception – Pumpt Indoor BMX, Mountain Bike, Scooter and Skate Park

They do parties too. $32 per head for a minimum of 8 people. Party goers get a 1 hour session plus 45mins in a party hut. Food options are:

  1. Burger Style
    Water, Vanilla Bokeshaker Milkshake, boneburger and tater tots.
  2. Flat Top Rolls
    Water, Vanilla Bokeshaker Milkshake, mini new york super dog and sweet potato fries
  3. Mex Style
    Water, Vanilla Bokeshaker Milkshake, mini burrito, corn chips and salsa.

There are extra food options too so if none of the above tickles your fancy there’s a wide variety of choices to choose from.


Boneshaker Cafe

Speaking of food, Bokeshaker Cafe serves amazingly tasty food – be prepared to gorge. Delish American style burgers, hot dogs, fish po’ boy, tacos, burritos, quesadillas, sweet potato fries, corn chips, tater tots, popcorn chicken (ermagerd amaze), sundaes, soft serve, milkshakes, cold pressed juices, kombucha, organic soda pops, craft brews, wine, coffee and tea. This place is heaven!

So grab the kids, their helmets, and their bikes, scooters or skateboards and have a blast xxx


Check out Pumpt on their Website, Facebook or Instagram and tell them I sent you!

This isn’t a sponsored post and these aren’t affiliate links. I just thought the place was cool and wanted to visit. Who knows, maybe if enough of my readers told Pumpt I sent them they might give me some freebies I can give away! oo oo oo or maybe I can bring a few single parents and their kids down for a fun free day out. Parenting is damn hard, doing it by yourself is bloody harder. It would be awesome to do something amazing like that for you. Fingers crossed xxx).

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