Toilet Training a Toddler

I wanna talk about the reality of toilet training a toddler…

I’m going to go right ahead and say at the worst of times toilet training a toddler is like toilet training a spider monkey on crack with diarrhea, and at the best of times it’s like being a septic tank cleaner with failing equipment. There’s a-whole-lotta shit and NONE of it is well contained.

J man is not quite two and a half. He wee’s on the loo just fine but when it comes to number two’s on the big boy toilet (rather than in his pull ups or on the lawn “just like Cleo dog mummy” as he’s been known to do, doh!), there seems to be no light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

To be honest though, my hubby and I haven’t read any of the ‘how to’s’ or specialist advice, we’ve been winging it like ever other aspect of our son’s life.

Actually I thought toilet training a toddler would kinda be like house training my dog; Put them out to do their business first thing in the morning, after every meal, before and after every car trip and immediately before bed.

No? Nope.

J man’s “timing” is about as accurate as me trying to make it to an appointment on time = Not. Accurate.


Hubby and I have tried praise and words of encouragement, letting him take toys into the toilet to play, stickers and charts, even stooping as low as food and money bribes. We’ve put him in jocks or nothing at all so he can “feel it” and “get in tune with the feeling” to know when he needs to go and all that crap #pooongrass but still to no avail.

On the subject of “things I’ve tried” though, the one thing I haven’t tried is having a go at the poor young thing for nugging in his nappy or jocks, he is learning after all (I’m stopping short at not yelling at him for shitting on the grass though, like seriously? You’re a kid not an animal, oh wait…).

I talk about these negative verbal reactions to innocent, smelly, funny 21st birthday story accidents though because I’ve been told of a mother yelling things at her child like;
“Only babies poo in their nappy, are you a baby?”
“you shouldn’t poo in your nappy, it’s naughty!”

Stop and remember; our children are learning and it is up to us to teach and guide them. Toilet training is not something toddlers have any idea about, they’ve never done it before!

I can understand getting fed up and frustrated with repeating yourself and constantly cleaning pooey mess though, so I decided to invent a game we can play to make the transition out of nappies more bearable!

Cue Potty Bingo.

So how do you play? Easy!

When you tell your little one its time to go to the potty, mark their reaction on the bingo sheet below. When you create a horizontal, diagonal or vertical line call out BINGO! and reward yourself.

Rewards depend on the time of day and if there’s another guardian to supervise the kids while you enjoy your much deserved prize. Choice of prize includes; A cup of tea and a biscuit, chocolate, 5 min sleep in or a glass of wine.

Share your Potty Bingo results with me on my Facebook page and use the hashtag #pottybingo – Potty Bingo - Potty Bingo

How are you tackling toilet training? Is it as you expected?


6 thoughts on “Toilet Training a Toddler

    • Kim says:

      Here’s hoping! Thank goodness for cartoon merchandise everything! Helpful to make kids go potty or eat their dinner 😉

  1. Jackie Mellor says:

    My son is 3 next month and fully TT for night and day. He started himself and then went through a bit of a regression so I just let it go. And then one day I thought hey! I have an idea. I took him to the toilet, explained how it works, to use paper, and to flush when you are done. We have a second toilet, and since it’s just the two of us I made this his special toilet that only HE was allowed to use. He was so excited by that he would take himself and run out to tell me when he had gone 🙂

    Now he’s a pro, goes himself or tells me at the shops he needs to go, but I found the chilled relaxed explaining things to him really worked, as he’s the kind of child who loves to know the details. Good luck to you, potty bingo is a great idea lol

    • Kim says:

      Ah so awesome he goes on his own for you now! I can’t wait to get to that stage 🙂 Potty bingo has been lots of fun today actually haha, had a couple o politicians and one ghost… the ghost pooed on the carpet, toy car, shelf, hands and feet. I was out of the room for literally three minutes WTF?!!! ahhh mum life

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