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Top Tips For A Safe Family Road Trip

If you’re planning a family road trip, here are my tips to ensure it will be a safe one;

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A few weeks out from your family road trip, you should:

  • Check your car/trailer/caravan tyres are the correct PSI (Find it written on the sidewall of your tyres).
  • Check all spare car/trailer/caravan tyres are in drivable condition with plenty of tread. There should be no tyre bolding or visable wire threads.
  • Have your car serviced, checking the water and oil levels are topped up including the windscreen washer reservoir.
  • Check the car jack is in the boot and in working order just in case you need to change a tyre.
  • Pack an emergency tool kit including; Jumpstart leads, wheel brace, rope and an adjustable wrench. If you’re not mechanically minded you should sign up with a roadside assistance service such as the RAA.

In the week leading up to your family road trip you should:

  • Wash the car inside and out and check all lights are working (Headlights, parkers, indicators, stop and reverse lights).
    Important! Don’t forget to clean the inside of your windows. Over time, grime builds up on the glass and can impact your ability to see when driving at night or with sun glare on your windscreen – Check out my example in the images below.
  • When vacuuming the car, check the floor mat is not folding up underneath the foot pedals. This could prevent you from being able to brake effectively in an emergency stop.
  • Once the car is cleaned, remove any child restraints and booster seats to check there are no twists in the seat belts and straps.
Inside car looking out front windscreen, window is grubby - New Mumma Kim Top Tips for a Safe Family Road Trip

Clean the grime on the inside of your car windows.

Car mat bunching up under the foot pedals of a car - New Mumma Kim Top Tips for a Safe Family Road Trip

Straighten a lumpy car mat under foot pedals, or remove them during a road trip. A lumpy car mat may reduce the effectiveness of a brake pedal in an emergency stop.

Car seat rear showing a twisted seat belt - - New Mumma Kim Top Tips for a Safe Family Road Trip

Fix twists in the seatbelts of child restraints.

Backseat of car with toys tidied up in a tub - - New Mumma Kim Top Tips for a Safe Family Road Trip

Put kids toys in a tub for easy access and to reduce distractions while driving.

Woohoo, it’s drive time!

  • When on the highway make sure you have your headlights on – See and be seen.
  • Stop for a ten-minute rest every two hours to avoid driver fatigue.
  • Get a good sleep the night before hitting the road.
  • Don’t drink alcohol when driving, and don’t have a big night on the drink before driving – 0% blood alcohol level = 100% life.
  • Don’t use your phone when driving. Leave it on the back seat or in the boot to avoid the temptation to use it.
  • Pack a healthy snack and drink bag to keep everyone happy between stops. I suggest healthy snacks such as fruit, crackers and cheese, not chips, chocolates or lollies, because loading  up on refined sugar will not only send you and the kids on a blissful happy high, but the entire family will come crashing down into tantrum inducing hell, NOT something you want to be dealing with when driving through the middle of nowhere.

And if you’re struggling to deal with the “I’m bored, are we there yet?”, here are a few more ideas to sweeten the family road trip with the kids.

I hope you found these tips helpful and you have a blast on your next family road trip!

Have I missed something? Tell me in the comments below.

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