The Pain of Replacing Batteries in Kids Toys

The Pain of Replacing Batteries in Kids Toys IS AN EXPENSIVE ONE.

I bet you have a kitchen drawer looking like this.

When you have a kitchen drawer like mine and need to replace batteries or fix broken toys that are no longer functioning, I’m guessing you turn your house or shed upside down in a desperate search to find what you need… and damn it there is never a philips head screwdriver small enough to do the job when you need it so you find yourself taking to old toys with various sized butter knives, steak knives or keys to wrestle open the battery backing.

How about this.

Get a tackle box and arrange the junk from all the miscellaneous items in your kitchen & shed drawers to create a ‘Toy Rescue & Repair Kit’.

Oh. Em. Geeenius!

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Now when a toy goes flat or requires repair in someway you will be ready to save the day AND your precious time. Amazing right?

Doing this has literally saved my ass from numerous toddler meltdowns and tantrums because I was prepared. J man can’t go to sleep without his glow worm. He has it on EVERY. FRICKEN. NIGHT. It runs for fifteen minutes before turning itself off, you can imagine the need for batteries in this toy would be extremely high.

So if your kids are like mine and have a favourite toy they thrash everyday which requires batteries, do yourself a favour, if you have a kitchen drawer like mine take away the pain of replacing batteries in kids toys and create a toy rescue and repair kit. It will save you so much time and fucks to give.

Now go forth and conquer xxx

CONTENTS: Scissors, Super glue, sewing needles and threads, Permanent marker, AAA batteries, AA batteries, 9volt batteries, D batteries, Various sizes button batteries, Sticky tape, Allan keys, Pliers, Tweezers, Small replacement screws, Thumb tacks, Safety pins, Flat head screw drivers, Philips head screw drivers.

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