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How to Wear Metallic Shoes

There’s a girl who wears the most delightful mirror-shiny golden brogues I’ve ever seen, She pulls off the look so effortlessly. I’m doubtful I could do the same but I’ve made it my mission to find three ways to wear metallic shoes.

It would be easy to step out of line (see what I did there?) in something so ostentatious as metallic shoes so I’ve been watching said girl over the last few weeks, in a totally non-creepy way, gathering intel on the various ways she wears her shiny shoes to add lustre to any look.

How To Wear Metallic Shoes (The Mumrobe) - Adelaide Mummy Blogger New Mumma Kim

  1. Work – Tailored pants and print top

    A simple outfit that just works. A print shirt helps to balance the ‘out there’ glare of my glittery kicks.

    The added bonus of wearing metallic slip-on’s is comfort! I don’t know about you but since having a baby you’ll rarely see me in a pair of heels anymore, at least with metallic flatties I’ll still feel gorge.

Adelaide Mummy Blogger; New Mumma Kim - Mumrobe 'How to Wear Metallic Shoes'

  1. Casual – Jeans and plain top

    Let the shoes be the hero of the outfit with denim jeans and a plain top. Give the look a bit of an edge with ripped jeans, or keep it clean with a classic fit. I like lighter coloured shirts with silver metallics and darker shirts with golds as the colours seem to contrast more nicely with each other.

Adelaide Mummy Blogger; New Mumma Kim - Mumrobe 'How to Wear Metallic Shoes'

  1. Let’s play – Dress ups

    A cute or casual dress is a fun way to style metallic shoes.

    A chambray dress, shirt dress or striped jersey dress are all quite ideal and would look pretty adorbs too, unlike my poor choice below, hindsight is a wonderful thing (Don’t get me wrong, I friggen LOVE this dress however my flattie metallics don’t compliment it well).
    Tie it all together with a charming scarf or statement necklace and a cuff bangle.

Adelaide Mummy Blogger; New Mumma Kim - Mumrobe 'How to Wear Metallic Shoes'

Where to buy?

I’ve had a look around and you can pick up a whole heap of excellent shiny bargains at my favourite places like Asos and The Iconic. Styletread are great too but the shopping experience to find styles I liked wasn’t as easy. If you’re going to hit up some bright delights I recommend Asos.

What New Mumma Kim Wears;

Target Laceless Canvas Flats $12 – Size 9
St Frock Havana Top in Peach Floral $49.90 – Size 14
St Frock Executive Decision Stretch Tailored Pants in navy $59.90 – Size 16
St Frock Chasing Kate Mid Length Dress with Pockets in navy $79.90 – Size 14
Big W Emerson Dark Wash Jeggings $8 (last season)- Size L
Target Lily Loves Contrast Peasant Top in cream $10 (currently on sale) – Size 14

Check out my Mumrobe page each Monday for new mum friendly fashion finds, and if we’re lucky enough, expert fashionistas and stylists will feature to share their fashion hints and tips too.


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